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Welcome To Aunty K’s Tarot

Read about who I am, what I offer and where to access

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Your community mentored, decolonial Indigi-Witch.

I am a card reader, medium and deck creator. I’ve created the #LandBackTarot & Oracle of Colonization. A 101 card RWS & Oracle deck (August 2021), D’Amour’s Fortunes. A 55 card fortune telling /cartomancy deck (Spring 2022), as well as a TdM deck and spread book in progress (Patreon). The blog portion of this site is “my corner”

My full time job is working on the psychic hotlines. This means Aunty K’s Tarot exists for creative and community expression. In this I have moved off most conventional apps and now take bookings via PayPal (business) in my link tree (read more in “About”).  My main offers via Aunty K’s are:

  • group sessions offered on Patreon (Tarot Party & Tarot Journal). 
  • I accept a few live video readings a week through Aunty K’s on Tuesday & Wednesday afternoon and nights. You can book (In my link tree below) a tarot reading to explore a specific question, gain guidance. Alternatively book a fortune telling reading and see what lays in your future, see what is impacting various areas of your life
  •  looking for something smaller? You can order yes / no readings by email. Must ask a single clear yes / no question. This is very brief.  24hour written delivery. 
  • You can find this Aunty on Purple Ocean to get instant readings. Use the notification button to know when I’m on. 

*all Aunty K’s Tarot Services are in my Link Tree*

*for entertainment purposes only


I will make future decks (such as D’Amour’s Fortunes) available via print on demand and or reoccurring pre orders with links here and in my link tree. This site also contains the guidebook links for my limited edition #LandBackTarot & Oracle Of Colonization.

D’Amour’s Fortunes, Spring 2022 MPC


Tarot Journal Mentoring Group is a peer guidance group (max 5) for our tarot journeys.  We learn by sharing our journey via our journals and wrap up these 90 min sessions with a weekly spread.  This is offered on Patreon and accessed through Discord via a dedicated video channel. 

Tarot Party is a live group tarot reading session offered on Patreon and accessed through Discord via a dedicated video channel. This is much like a zoom party.  Everyone present gets a tarot reading live. This is semi private. Those in attendance see your reading. It is not recorded or aired on the internet like live readings on YouTube or social media. 

I also share my creations in progress.  The Coffee Table Tarot Spread Book and The Real World Marseille are both in progress for 2022. 

YouTube & Discord 

My YouTube and Discord are my main avenues for community engagement, and I welcome you to join me. While some discord channels are for patrons, others are public including daily tarot and Saturday Lunch (video meetup). YouTube is definitely in existence for creative enjoyment so do join me there.  

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